Story Synopsis and Log Line

Log Line

When Brianne gets in over her head with the evil ghost that lives in the attic of her new house, her new ghost friend, Genevieve, must overcome her fear to save her.

On arrival with her family to their new house, Brianne eagerly runs out of the car and into to the house. She searches it and encounters the attic door that she cannot reach. She returns to playing and hears a sounds coming from her closet. Upon opening the door, she meets a ghost named Genevieve and they become friends. Brianne tells Genevieve about the attic door and Genevieve warns her not to go there. Time continues until one day, a noise wakes Brianne and she sees the attic door open. Genevieve wakes up and sees Brianne climb the stairs to the attic. She over comes her fear and climbs to the attic to save Brianne from a Ghost that inhabits it. Safely, the two girls walk back downstairs and return to their room.