Visual Approach

The background of the film will be rendered in 3D.  This will include the car at the beginning of the piece. The Textures with be painted on TV Paint. Everything will be rendered with toon shader with a black outline. The characters with all be animated in 2D.

The colour palette of the film will consist of desaturated colours, including burgundy, dark purples, and shades of crimson. Wallpaper patterns from the Victorian and Edwardian era will be used on some of the walls and I also want to put hardwood textures on the floors.

The ghost Genevieve will be semi transparent and will become more opaque when she interacts with corporeal matter. She will be a desaturated lighter colour.

I may have difficulties blending the 2D elements with the 3D. To achieve this I will require compositing and proper shading.

Please visit my other pages for images, inspirations, and WIP.