Beatboard and Tension Charts

Beat Board


Tension Board - Revised Sept 30

0 – follow the car
0.5 – Brianne looking around the house
0.75 – Brianne notices the attic door
1.0 – Noise comes from Brianne’s closet and Brianne find Genevieve
1.25 – The Girls run off and play.
1.5 – Brianne points to the attic door and Genevieve shakes her head no. She seems scared.
1.75 – Night comes and a Banging sound from the attic wakes up Brianne. She finds the attic door open.
2.0 – Genevieve wakes up and sees Brianne going up the stairs.
2.25 – Genevieve musters up the courage to go up to the attic. She sees the scary ghost over Brianne.
2.5 – Genevieve gets protective and transforms into a scary ghost that swallows the other one.
2.75 – Genevieve is ashamed and is scared of what Brianne will say. Brianne smiles and hugs Genevieve as the two girls walk back down to the bedroom.
3.0 – End: Ghost shadow appears in the attic window again.

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