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Brianna comes from two fearless and driven entrepreneurs. Being surrounded by them, she grew up the same way. Always curious and getting what she wants. From a young age, she was fascinated with horror movies and haunted house stories.

– 9 years old
– Fearless
– Driven
– slightly spoiled
– Hyperactive (adhd?)
– Talks big
– Attention Seeker


– Ghost stories
– Halloween
– Scary things
– Old houses
– Spiders
– tv
– Goosebumps books
– recess

– Dust
– color pink
– Wearing shoes
– School











Ghost Girl (light,fair)
1920s-1930s (right before depression/recession)

Parents: Emily and George

WARNING – Violent Story not appropriate for younger readers
Genevieve was born underweight which led her parents to be over protective of their only child. She stayed in and was home schooled never making friends. Genevieve was curious of the outside world but she feared it. Being alone, she would invent friends and play pretend with her dolls and stuffed toys. She would often explore the house but was not aloud to go up in her fathers attic office. turned She was 8 went she was killed.

George was the owner of the local market and decided to make an investment which failed leaving him with no money. The day he received the news, George went home early only to find a local gentleman leaving. George confronted Emily and accused her of having an affair. He then locked himself into his study in the attic. That evening, George came out and made his way to Genevieve’s room. He picked her up smiling and acting normal. He carried his daughter to her bed and tucked her in. has she looked up and said goodnight, George slid the gun from his pocket, pointed it at Genevieve smiling face and shot her right between the eyes. Emotionless he went down to find Emily in the Kitchen. Emily tried to apologize but George didn’t respond. He walked to her and grabbed her by the hair before pulling her outside to the big apple tree in the backyard where he shot her twice. He shot at both legs missing the left one before shooting her in the head. Has she laid there bleeding with cold dead eyes. He shot her in the heart. Hearing the screams, the neighbors called the police. They arrive quickly only to find the husband had killed himself, a burnt cigar in the ash tray by his side.

– 8 years old
– Quiet
– introvert
– kind and loving
– loyal
– Scared easily
– French Canadian

– Books
– Toys and dolls
– Tea and biscuits
– sweets

– Being forced to learn violin (the violin hurts her neck)
– Having to wear dresses
– insects


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