Production Documentation


Production Schedule (Updated Feb 3rd, 2014)
Scene progressions (Updated Feb 3rd, 2014)

Shots and Sequences

I’m breaking my film down into 5 sequences

– SQ01 Outside
– SQ02 First Floor
– SQ03 2nd Floor
– SQ04 Night
– SQ05 Attic

Naming will go as followed.

– SQ01SC02_V01

Within each sequence folder I will have 5 folders.

– Backgrounds
– NotYetStarted
– TVP WIP files
– TVP finished files
– TVP Exports


Production Pipeline

Pipeline Diagram 2

Naming Protocol




Task List – Teaser Trailer Planning

Crew List

  • Yonathan Galve Ponce De Leon (3D Modeling) – Collaborator
  • Miguel Rodrigez (3D Modeling)
  • Kieron Rhys Lillo – ISoarStudio (Music)
  • Ashley Michelle Simpson (Animation)
  • Parichoy Choudhury (3D Modeling)