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Make your gift this year extra special and unique like the person(s) you are gifting. Each image is custom and unique to the individual that I have the image of, and if you decide you want one for yourself, then why not get it! I can store the Famarti art created, and have it reprinted on many things so you can have an array of personalized items.

Send me an email to if you want to discuss your Famarti Cartoon and if you have questions. I love hearing from our Famarti Fam! I only take on a few orders a year as my schedule allows so get them in early.

Email me for price list.


Send me and email at to see if I have a spot available for an order. Once you get the 'OK', you'll need to collect some information and pictures of everyone you want us to draw. If you can pick pictures that show the person or pet's personality and style, the better.

*Please note that each artwork is custom made. We will need your approval at different steps of the creations. This process can take a while. We try to create the artwork as soon as we receive the order. This is why we only take small batches of orders and have limited spots open. We need our customers to order items a month and a half ahead of when they need the items to arrive. If you need it sooner then that we can try to accommodate (please contact us) for a small extra fee. We can also send you a card with the picture of what your item will look like to use as a gift letting your loved one that their items are on the way. 

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